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The Moore Community House Model

Since 1924, Moore Community House has served women and children in East Biloxi.

Today, nearly 100 years later, our programs are based on the  core principle that the most  effective way to help families achieve ECONOMIC SECURITY  is to ensure access to AFFORDABLE CHILD CARE   and work that pays a LIVING WAGE.

What is Economic Security? Economic security means being able to afford your family's basic needs on both a daily basis and in the face of unexpected life events.

​Child Care is a Work Support. Affordable, reliable child care allows women to go to work.

​Quality Early Child Care Makes a Difference. The first few years are pivotal to a child's lifelong development. In addition to early learning, our Early Head Start program ensures that children have access to educational, nutritional and medical services that are critical to their health and well-being.

Women Need Access to High-Paying, High Opportunity Work.  Women are concentrated in low-wage jobs, making up half of Mississippi's workforce but two-thirds of minimum-wage workers. Construction and trade jobs offer a pathway for women to find work that pays a living wage.

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